Dear Dynamic Praise Family,

We, your DP directors and leaders want to welcome you to the reunion website and are very excited about celebrating our 30th anniversary as a family. God has truly been good to us over the years. From those who were apart of the inaugural year to those who are just starting their DP journey, we can’t wait to see and fellowship with you all. This April will be a time I believe no one will want to miss. So, we are asking that you start making your plans now so that you can plan according to what your budget will allow.

Although our history shows we evolved as a choir on Oakwood’s campus, dynamic praise has always been a self-supported organization and this reunion event is no different. This reunion event requires monies and deposits to be made to ensure that we can pay for the facilities and /or products for a successful weekend. To have a successful reunion, we are dependent upon a positive response for a financial commitment from each DP member. Without your fee contributions, our reunion celebration will be in great danger. Therefore, we your directors and leaders are pleading with each member to do their part to make our reunion a prosperous one.

Please browse through the website to find out the different packages and schedule for the weekend’s events. We also want to make known to you about our early bird registration. Between October 1 and December 31st, package A will be offered for $75 per member. After December 31st, this package will go up to $90 per member. We are hoping majority of you all will take advantage of the early bird registration so we can pay for facilities/product that need down payments immediately. For those members who are able and want to do more financially we welcome your donations with open arms. For those of you who are able to donate $500.00 or above, package A will be included automatically as part of your donation (We have not, because we ask not). Also, we are making accommodations for those who are interested in purchasing Sabbath dinner for $20 a person (not included in packages). Both a vegetarian and meat option will be offered to suit everyone’s needs.

We hope to see each one of you April 18th thru April 21st. Make God bless and keep you all until we meet again.


The Dynamic Praise Reunion Committee

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